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Welcome to Moovlite, your comprehensive solution to back pain relief in just 12 weeks.

Movement is medicine. But what if you are afraid to move due to chronic back pain? If you are experiencing back pain and related stress, Moovlite can guide you to a new way of moving that releases persistent back tension. Don’t be held back from a strong body. Moovlite today.

Moovlite has been great for managing and healing my low back pain. It has been a big help when time for self-care is at a premium.
– Andy, Moovlite user

About Jeannie

I’m Jeannie Di Bon, a movement therapist specialising in chronic pain and hypermobility. After living with longstanding pain caused by a chronic illness, I created the Integral Movement Method (IMM) and rehabilitated my own body out of pain. Today this method is endorsed by doctors and physiotherapists globally. With Moovlite you can experience the IMM anytime, in the comfort of your own home, with little or no equipment.

Moovlite uses a powerful approach to transform your relationship with pain. We’ll guide you through a cutting-edge combination of movement and neuroscience, to harness the mind-body integration and transform your relationship with pain.

We know from experience that people who follow our classes regularly see real improvement in mobility and pain reduction. We’ve created Reframe, a comprehensive 12-week program specifically developed to help you release back stiffness and tension, gradually rebuilding healthy movement patterns.

Immersive Experience

Jeannie will welcome you to your transformational journey. You will be moving, listening to and sensing your body through a powerful combination of exercises and guided meditations. You will be tapping into the nervous system to rewire your movement patterns so you can move with greater awareness and less pain.

The Power of Habits

You’ll be introduced to habit formation as an essential component of your transformation journey – why habits are important and how to foster them. You’ll get support along the way to keep your momentum and build healthy routines.

Your 12 Weeks of Transformation

In the Reframe program you’ll have 12 modules to complete – each one taking about a week to work through. These modules help you begin a new relationship with your body, rethink your pain and build new habits. The program gets more challenging as you go, so it’s key that you complete each module fully before moving onto the next to see real results.

Guided Meditation Audios

Enjoy guided meditations from Jeannie designed to focus on integration of body and mind. You will love these audios – they can be used daily and have proved very helpful to aid relaxation and restful sleep.

Your investment in the Reframe program is just £399 for lifetime access to alleviate your back pain.

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