How does movement therapy help with chronic back pain?

February 26th, 2024 by Jeannie Di Bon

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Movement therapy can help reeducate movement patterns to relieve chronic back pain.

What is Movement Therapy Anyway? 

Movement therapy uses movement and other associated practices to help people:

  • Rehabilitate from illness or injury
  • Manage chronic illness or disability
  • Handle life challenges that keep them from functioning fully

Through the practice of movement therapy, a client can learn to re-educate movement patterns that may be causing pain, discomfort, or immobility. These movement patterns can be tension-led patterns caused by an emotional or physical issue.

When people have experienced back pain or any pain for long periods of time, they often develop bracing or guarding patterns. Your body has been doing it’s best to protect you by developing these movement patterns, but they can lead to restrictions and pain.

As a movement therapist, I examine overall movement patterns in a whole-body approach – as opposed to single body part function – taking into account the breath, patterning, and fascial tensions.

My goal with movement therapy is to help create the conditions for sustainable well-being. In my 15 years of working with chronic pain patients, I developed The Integral Movement Method which enables safe, healthy rehabilitation and movement. 

I created Moovlite to bring safe and accessible movement therapy to you in the comfort of your own home. With the Reframe (link) program, you have the freedom to work at your own pace and listen to your body as you learn to move in a new way to help reduce pain. 

Scientific evidence supports broad benefits of movement therapy, including reduction in pain, stress, and debility, and improvements in range of motion (ROM), strength, balance, coordination, cardiovascular health, physical fitness, mood, and cognition. Compelling evidence demonstrates that movement practices promote optimal health and are integral in the prevention and treatment of many medical conditions.”

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