We offer a comprehensive 12 week programme called Reframe combining movement, neuroscience and psychology to transform your relationship with pain. Sessions are taught by movement expert Jeannie Di Bon. All levels and abilities are welcome. Sessions last around 30 minutes, making Moovlite easy to fit into your day.

Our programs have been designed for specific conditions: habitual tension, chronic pain, and chronic stress. They are considerate to all ages, abilities and level of fitness.

People who join our programs typically experience pain, stress and fear of movement. They want to move pain-free and enjoy regular, safe and effective exercise.

We always recommend you check with your medical practitioner before you start any new exercise programme. Please refer to our Disclaimer for further information.

The programs are delivered online. You can watch them at your convenience on your desktop, laptop, TV, tablet or mobile device.

We recommend using a mat as many of the exercises require lying down. You may also need a chair nearby for some of the standing balance work.  Although you do not require special equipment for most sessions, you may want to invest in a small Pilates ball, a medium strength stretch band and light hand weights.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.  For the meditations and relaxations, make sure you have warm clothing or a blanket to keep your body temperature regulated.

Moovlite is designed with 3 sessions in each module.  Ideally we recommend a class three times a week to complete each module within 12 weeks.   But it is important you listen to your body and go at your own pace.

Pausing and re-watching a class or exercise is one of the great advantages of streaming online programs. Watching an exercise first and then completing it alongside the instructor is a great way to learn and understand.

Moovlite is up to date with the latest pain neuroscience research.  Our workbook and course may be updated to reflect future changes in the science.

You can sign up anytime online – simply follow the links.

Once purchased, Moovlite is yours to keep.  No further charges will apply.

Moovlite costs £399 as a one off purchase.  No further costs apply for this lifetime access. Click here to see what’s included in the membership fee.


Yes absolutely.  Once you purchase the Moovlite program, it is yours forever.